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Video Resources

We are grateful to the churches that have created and shared the following videos. Thank you all! See below for instructions to download.

First Presbyterian Gainesville, FL's university students talk about Unbinding Your Soul:

See What People Are Saying About the Unbinding Series: (1 min.)

(created by First United Methodist Church, San Diego)

A member of South Highland Presbyterian (Birmingham, AL) talks about her experience with Unbinding Your Heart.

Interview - Roger Ross, Pastor, 1st United Methodist, Springfield, IL


What's an E-vent? (six week all-church study of Unbinding Your Heart)?

Thank all of you who sent us video and photos of your E-vent and Unbinding groups.

Click here to download the source M4V file (71 MB)


Martha Grace Reese - Presentation (6:24)

Click here to download the source WMV file (14 MB)


Interview - Bruce Dobyns, 1st Christian Church, Peoria, IL (9:27)

Click here to download the source WMV file (28.5 MB)

Unbinding the Gospel - Informational Video (4:42)


Unbinding Your Heart Promo - Parkwood


Unbinding Your Soul College Facilitator, David Kling:


"Unbinding the Gospel" burn-to-dvd download now available! Most of these videos are included in a dvd ISO that you can download, burn to disc, and show to others. (Our thanks to the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church, which filmed the Reese, Ross & Dobyns interviews and the Unbinding the Gospel informational videos, and gives all of us copyright permission to use them. (c) 2009 IGRC Communications)

Click here to download ZIP file (554 MB). Then just un-zip, open up your DVD burning software, and create the disc from the unzipped ISO file.