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Unbinding the Gospel Series

"Martha Grace Reese's 'trilogy' may be the most useful resource for awakening slumbering churches that has come along in a very long time."

George G. Hunter, III


Summary of series as described by Chalice Press (January 1, 2008):

Martha Grace Reese's Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life Evangelism was published exactly a year ago. Chalice Press is about to receive the fifth printing. Who could have anticipated that a book about evangelism for mainline churches would be a runaway best-seller?

Churches using Unbinding the Gospel with their leaders have asked for more, and here it is: The Unbinding the Gospel Series.

Reese has prepared two more books that expand Unbinding the Gospel into a faith and faith-sharing saturation experience for your whole church. Unbinding Your Heart and Unbinding Your Church. They are available today.

Unbinding the Gospel provides the fundamentals for pastors and church leaders. After your leadership is excited about faith and faith sharing, use Unbinding Your Heart (a six-week version of Unbinding the Gospel, with 40 days of individual prayer exercises) as a small group study for your ENTIRE church!

Unbinding Your Church furnishes the tools to tie all of the elements into one, seamless process. Use it from the beginning if you want your studies of Unbinding the Gospel and Unbinding Your Heart to be as effective as they can be. With sermons, fully integrated music and worship resources, organizational forms, lesson plans, prayer coaching, calendars, and more, you can help the Spirit jump-start faith and faith-sharing in your church.

The Unbinding the Gospel Series is an integrated set of resources for an all-church, small group, prayer-based study of the basics of the bestseller Unbinding the Gospel.


1. Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life Evangelism (study for congregational leaders) is available now.

Now with a 40-day prayer journal!

Start your church on a journey that has inspired tens of thousands of readers. The best-selling Unbinding the Gospel is the first step for your congregation to be transformed.

Start this experience with one small group study with key leaders. If they love it, move on to more small-group studies of Gospel with your church leaders and teachers (20% of your worship attendance).

Download Free Sample: First Chapter


2. Unbinding Your Heart: 40 Days of Prayer & Faith Sharing (all-congregational study and personal prayer journal)

Unbinding Your Heart is a six-week version of Unbinding the Gospel for the entire congregation.

Your church will:

  • Pray each day's scripture and prayer exercise
  • Study a chapter each week with their small group
  • Worship together with sermon, music, and prayers centered on the week's chapter

Your whole congregation will start to pray, to talk about their faith, and risk sharing their faith beyond church walls if you prepare well and give the Spirit room to maneuver.

Order one book for each participant. They contain a personal prayer journal.

Download Free Sample: Prayer Exercises Sampler


3. Unbinding Your Church (Pastor's and Leaders' Guide to the Series).

For pastors, before leading your study of Unbinding the Gospel, you'll want to read the introduction, and chapters 1 & 4 of Unbinding Your Church. It will allow you to have a more effective Gospel study and explains our research-tested process.

Unbinding Your Church offers:

  • Step-by-step planning tools: "Best methods" for pastors, church staff, organizers, small group leaders, prayer group leaders, and children/youth leaders. Plus calendars, checklists, rosters, forms, diagrams, Web site ideas, and much more!
  • Worship resources: Seven engaging, theologically rich, inspiring sermons you can adapt or adopt; short Bible teachings on texts; children's activities, prayers, and complete coordinated music plans.

Download Free Sample: Foreword (George Hunter) & critically important Introduction