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Application Form for Coaching Group

Need to edit a previous application?  Click here.

Here are the terms of this application:

1.  Applications may be made upon invitation from Martha Grace Reese.

2.  Please review the Coaching Description Documents, before you apply for your group.  The terms and conditions of coaching are set forth in those documents and by applying, you are agreement to work within the parameters of that process, including the fee structures.  For a copy of the documents, or if you have questions, please contact us.

3.  Your application will be complete upon receipt of your deposit of $500.  Please mail checks, made payable to "Unbinding the Gospel Project" to Mrs. Elinor Campbell, 425 Manor House Road, Glasgow, KY 42141


Please contact Ellie at or 270-678-1864 if you have any trouble or questions.

STEP ONE: Enter sponsoring organization info

Organization Sponsoring Group

This organization will take responsibility for billing congregations and submitting the Group's $8000 payment to GraceNet.

 Street Address




Contact Person


Office Telephone

Cell Phone


Re-enter E-mail   

Contact Person's Assistant (if applicable)

Assistant's Phone Number

Assistant's E-mail


STEP TWO: Add Congregations to group

Please know at least SIX of the names before you apply for group status. We ask that before the first coaching call, each congregation agree to:

  1. hold one 8-week study of Unbinding the Gospel for some group of leadersof leaders
  2. the pastors will read all three books in the Real Life Evangelism Series, and
  3. the church's governing body will formally commit to full participation in the coaching group and process.
Name of Congregation
Street Address
Pastor A Name
Pastor A Phone Number
Pastor A E-mail
Pastor A E-mail again    
Pastor B Name
Pastor B E-mail
Pastor B E-mail again
Average Worship Attendance (roughly)


STEP THREE: Enter any other Senior/Associate pastors who will be involved

  Pastor1 Name:
  Pastor1 Church:
  Pastor1 Email:
  Pastor1 Phone:
  Pastor1 Title:

  Pastor2 Name:
  Pastor2 Church:
  Pastor2 Email:
  Pastor2 Phone:
  Pastor2 Title:

  Pastor3 Name:
  Pastor3 Church:
  Pastor3 Email:
  Pastor3 Phone:
  Pastor3 Title:

  Pastor4 Name:
  Pastor4 Church:
  Pastor4 Email:
  Pastor4 Phone:
  Pastor4 Title:

  Pastor5 Name:
  Pastor5 Church:
  Pastor5 Email:
  Pastor5 Phone:
  Pastor5 Title:


STEP FOUR: Review Information and Submit Application

Have at least 6 congregations entered? Once you have done so, the button at the bottom of the page will change to "Submit Application." Just click that to submit your coaching application. After submitting this application, mail your deposit of $500 made payable to:

Unbinding the Gospel Project


Mrs. Elinor Campbell, Project Administrator
Unbinding the Gospel Project
425 Manor House Road
Glasgow, KY 42141
Phone: 270-678-1864

(This deposit may be transferred to reserve a group at a later date, upon mutual agreement. It will be applied to the group's $8000 participation fee.)

Verify that you are a real person: